Not without us!


Without him.

“Things simply cannot carry on like this!” Hermann Tichy wanted to change everything. He knew it had to be possible to retain the healthy properties and natural flavour of cured meat. To cure free from nitrates, free from artificial preservatives and free from flavourings. So his journey began. After years of experimentation, and despite significant hurdles to overcome, he developed the perfect technique.

Without us.

We find that the best ideas are usually the most disruptive: “That’s not possible!, Why bother?, We’ve never needed to do things differently?” But where there is a will there is a way. Lab-tests and blind-tasting sessions proved that Hermann Tichy’s natural approach wasn’t just possible – but superior. Faced with an abundance of high-quality specialities bursting with the taste of nature, there wasn’t much left for the critics to say.

Without compromise.

If you really are what you eat, as the saying goes, then things like responsibility, sustainability, and conscientious food production need to be on the menu. With our products we really believe that the ‘without’ leaves more room for the ‘best’, without adverse impacts on our environment or resources, leaving you to enjoy our delicious products guilt free.

Without hesitation.

It didn’t take us very long to realize that we wanted to join the all-natural cured-meats rebellion, and we are incredibly proud to be able to offer Tichy Delicatessen. Join us in our fight against the artificial.

Without further ado.

Thank you Hermann. We’re so happy to have found you!

Yong-Beom Kang und Markus Henrich,

(the happy shopkeepers of