Truffle Filet

Truffle Filet

Our truffle filet starts by rubbing the pork tenderloin in fresh garlic and pure rock salt before gently smoking it over beech wood. The cut is then massaged with truffle oil, before being air cured, resulting in the perfect blend of flavours and aromas.

The meat takes 3 to 4 months to age to perfection.

approx.: 130 g

Shelf live approx.: 60 days

€/kg: € 59,60


 10,49 inc. VAT, ex. shipping

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Truffle Filet

Because of the hand-crafted nature of our work, no one piece will be exactly the same as another. As a result, the final weight deviates from piece to piece, and you should never receive less than what you have paid for. This is why we only charge you 88% of the RRP per kilo, as the curing process affects the end weight. If you receive less than 88% of your ordered weight, please let us know before opening the product. A 1000g item will be charged as if it were 880g, and the weight will be anywhere between 880-1000 g.