Herb Salt

Made with 12 organic ingredients, our nat(UR)salz is the result of a gradual infusion process that takes more than 18 months from start to finish. The organic herbs are harvested and blended with natural rock salt, and are then left to coalesce in barrels. The gentle process allows the salt to absorb all the aromas, essential oils, and builds the unique flavour.

Our nitrate free nat(UR)salz rock salt has been sealed away deep in the mountains of Europe, protected from the elements over millennia. Today, this pure salt is particularly rich in healthy minerals, and is mined here in Europe. Subject to stringent quality control measures, the salt is processed by hand, and is gently ground into the crystals we use for our meat. Nat(UR)Salz means natural salt, because nothing is added. As it should be.

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