Cured Ham Style Red Deer Venison

Cured Ham Style Red Deer Venison

The de-boned leg joint of the Red Deer is given a gentle and thorough massage with a blend of pure rock salt and delicate herbs. The meat is allowed to cure for 3 weeks while the flavours mingle. From there the meat is gently smoked over beech wood, and then finally air cured to perfection.

The ham takes 6 to 8 months age to perfection.

Shelf life approx.: 90 days

€/kg: 82,40


 20,60 inc. VAT, ex. shipping

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Cured Ham from Red Deer Vension

Because of the hand-crafted nature of our work, no one piece will be exactly the same as another. As a result, the final weight deviates from piece to piece, and you should never receive less than what you have paid for. This is why we only charge you 88% of the RRP per kilo, as the curing process affects the end weight. If you receive less than 88% of your ordered weight, please let us know before opening the product. A 1000g item will be charged as if it were 880g, and the weight will be anywhere between 880-1000 g.